Aqua TherapyAquatic Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy is performed in our warm-water Endless Pool®, allowing for earlier intervention, greater tolerance of activity, and easier gains in range of motion with less pain.


Here are some of the benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

  • Buoyancy results in decreased weight-bearing on joints and spine by: 75% in water up to the chest 50% in water up to the navel.
  • This is good news for anyone unable to bear full weight on a particular joint following injury or surgical repair, allowing early gait training and strengthening.
  • Immersion in water results in hydrostatic pressure on the joints. This provides more compression than an Ace wrap, assisting in decreasing swelling and increasing fluid return to the lymphatic system.
  • Variable resistance is available for exercise. The faster you move, the more resistance is provided by the water. Conversely, when you slow down, the resistance drops, giving you ultimate control of your exercise.
  • The water provides support, as well as a challenge to balance, providing a safe environment for core strengthening.

If your doctor has prescribed Aquatic Therapy, or if you feel that your condition would benefit from treatment in the water, then we have the program for you.

We also offer Jahara / Watsu treatments. These are relaxing, massage-like techniques designed to facilitate movement and create a sense of well-being.