We're changing our name from Olympic Physical Therapy & Aquatics to
Oasis Physical Therapy & Aquatics

Olympic Physical Therapy & Aquatics

Physical TherapyOur goal at Olympic Physical Therapy is to provide you with the best possible service with individualized rehabilitation programs and hands-on treatment to help you recover quickly and completely from a wide range of injuries and conditions.

  • Are you suffering from a back or joint pain?
  • Do you have a physical injury that's not improving?
  • Are you recovering from surgery?
  • Are you looking for that 'extra edge' in your sports performance?
Our approach starts with listening. We want to fully understand your concerns and goals incorporate them into our evaluation of your physical condition. We then evaluate your current condition, including range of motion, flexibility, strength, posture, and gait.


Education is the next step. We want you to understand what has happened to you and how we will work as a team, patient and therapist, to get you well. We then work with you to create a comprehensive and highly individualized treatment plan to meet your goals in the shortest and safest way possible.

Moving Past Pain and Injury

Massage TherapyThe process of daily activities, stress, and normal aging often takes its toll on our bodies in the form of pain and injuries. Physical limitations and pain related to an injury can be mentally exhausting, affecting every aspect of our lives. Physical therapy rehabilitation can give you back your life.

We offer:

  • Manual Therapy (Massage, Joint Mobilization, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Reprogramming)
  • Modalities (Ultrasound, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, Interferential Current)
  • Aquatic Physical Therapy and Exercise
  • Personal Training / Sports Training
  • Swim stroke analysis